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Our principles:

1.         Respect the customer's needs
            Applications are made to the measure for the
            customers, no important features are missing
            and no ones are redundant. According to the
            wishes and possibilities of customers and the
            order we create both applications of an
            accounting character and applications requiring
            a higher degree of data processing using
            database and base of knowledge. Thorough
            analysis precedes the development of each
            application. This prevents problems during
            implementation and ultimately reduces the
            time of delivery and optimizes the price.

2.         Standard Environment
            KAPOS produces its products in a single or multi-layer
            structure. Multilayer server applications are created
            based on Oracle DB, MS SQL, PostgreSQL for different
            types of clients (thin, thick, combination). Applications
            have standard interfaces and are therefore easy to
            use. KAPOS selects database technology most suitable
            for each customer - MS SQL Server or MSDE, Oracle,
            PostgreSQL or MS Access - depending on application
            demands and according to customer needs and possi-
            bilities. Even a small business can take advantage of
            such technologies as SQL databases and client-server

3.         Customer Support
            All products are provided with help and KAPOS also
            provides service and regular maintenance of applicati-
            ons over the phone or at the customer's. This ensures
            a long lifetime applications is the use of modern
            technology, guaranteed upgrades and regular mainte-
            nance. Before forwarding the product to the customer
            is trained operator.

KAPOS specializes in database software. For our customers
produces software such as:

                                             •     information systems
                                             •     advisory knowledge-based
                                             •     additions and extensions
                                                    to existing information
                                             •     tools for the collections to
                                                    analysis and presentation
                                                    of diverse data indexes,
                                                    catalogs, databases

Our products are used in modern technology:

                                             •    Web Technology
                                             •    client - server application
                                             •    SQL databases including
                                                   Oracle, MS SQL Server and
                                             •    MS Access database for less
                                                   demanding applications

Smaller companies offer more permanent cooperation in meeting its software and hardware needs.
Interesting Products
SPR - A system to support decision making
of regional and local governments
Support for major decision situations at regional and local governments.
AGC - A system for presentation of agricultural norms
Numerical and verbal agricultural standards- norms.
Document management
Evidence of documents and tracking their movements in the process of execution.
Internet systems for collection and presentation of data
Customs statistics. System for the collection of statistical data from respondents.