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Interesting Products
SPR - A system to support decision making
of regional and local governments
Support for major decision situations at regional and local governments.
AGC - A system for presentation of agricultural norms
Numerical and verbal agricultural standards- norms.
Document management
Evidence of documents and tracking their movements in the process of execution.
Internet systems for collection and presentation of data
Customs statistics. System for the collection of statistical data from respondents.
The KAPOS is asking an honor to be working on projects for the following partners:

Ministry of Agriculture
Document management, Customs statistics, TechConsult, AgroConsult, Evidence of cars, Collection of statistical data.

Ministry for Regional Development
System to support decision-making at the level of regional and local governments - co-research project WB-04-04 within the research program "Research for the regions."

Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information
Customs statistics, AgroConsult, Techconsult.

Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics CUH Prague and Institute for the Care of Mother and Child and
CKK Sono.

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
AgroConsult, TechConsult, AUTO Expert.

University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Faculty of Agriculture
AgroConsult, TechConsult.

Association of growers and processors of oilseeds
Evidence of income and oilseeds sowing areas.

Crop Research Institute
DAPOPO ("Database field trials").