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Document management application is designed to support administrative operations with
documents of various kinds. The program allows you to record incoming and outgoing
documents and track their fate in the process of execution of the different departments of
the office, department, school or business.

For development were done the following priorities:

Document management application is flexibly designed to be easily adapted to the specific requirements of a particular user.
Way to the central and decentralized system of procurement documents with several rows of procedural numbers throughout the conference office, department or school. Possibility of storing documents and work with stored documents.
Three-layer architecture based on Internet technology, linked to either Oracle or MS SQL. For end users Internet Explorer.
High performance and reliability.
Maximum protection of data against unauthorized access, while maintaining the option to view documents subordinate units.
User modesty and clarity.
Efficient and rapid filtration tools.
High fault tolerance (network, user, ….).
Possibility of integration and use of documents formed via Microsoft Office applications, including tools for mass mailings.
Easy to install and re-install the new version.
Favorable price.
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Document management
Evidence of documents and tracking their movements in the process of execution.
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