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KAPOS company was founded in 1993. Since its establishment, the company has been focused on development of custom software for the government, health, agriculture and other sectors. In the first years of business activitiy we were focused on the development of local computer advisory systems for agriculture and farm machinery. The working title of the first system is TechConsult. It is a knowledge-based system for farm machinery, which in 1994 won the International Fair of Agricultural Technology in Brno TechAgro Grand Prix.

Then followed AgroConsult advisory system designed for field optimization of the structure of agricultural production based on mechanized production technologies and normative methods. The first version of this system was created in 1996 and since then it has been constantly developed. The outputs of this system are also the matrix of the books "The norms for agricultural and food production" and "Per capita agricultural production technologies' (from 1996 to the present has been implemented seven book edition). In 2000, the database system AagroConsult transferred to the Internet.

Other knowledge systems were created to order:

     1.   Statistical evaluation and counseling AUTO Expert knowledge system designed for
           calculating the cost of motor vehicles (cars and trucks) and determination of residual
           prices of used vehicles.

     2.   The "cars" for the recording of passenger cars of the Ministry of Agriculture.

     3.   Educational computer system AgroExpert in Englisch for teaching foreign students at
           the Institute of Tropics and Subtropics of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.

Since 1998 the company has focused on the creation of multilayer server and client applications. First this system was "Sono CKK" to support the activities of the ultrasound Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics CUH Prague and Institute for Mother and Child Care. Next followed " Document management application" first as a client server application MS SQL, and since 2004 as a three-layer application using Oracle AS and DB or MS SQL and IIS with a link to the Web browser. Similarly, the application was developed "Customs Statistics" for the analysis of customs statistics, the agricultural sector, which enables the processing of weekly and monthly tariff data and "Information system for data collection”. Information system to support decision-making at the level of regional and local governments "SPR" is also based on three-layer structures using the PostgreSQL database system.

Since 2005, the company engaged in lending their consultants to customers (bodyshop).
Interesting Products
SPR - A system to support decision making
of regional and local governments
Support for major decision situations at regional and local governments.
AGC - A system for presentation of agricultural norms
Numerical and verbal agricultural standards- norms.
Document management
Evidence of documents and tracking their movements in the process of execution.
Internet systems for collection and presentation of data
Customs statistics. System for the collection of statistical data from respondents.