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SPR - System to support decision-making of regional and local governments

Internet advisory system - “SPR - System to support decision-making of regional and local governments” is designed to enhance decision-making. Outputs are structured according to the individual logical issues arising from administrative and municipal functions and form of knowledge consultancy support decision-making at the level of regional and local governments, including improving the knowledge base in their management. In essence, SPR applications intended to support the solution to the situation in these areas: The position of the village; Project management and marketing; Management and financing of municipalities; Community development; Municipal administration; Coexistence of citizens, misdemeanors, pets; Environment; Information support decision making; Downloading data sources and Links to important web pages for municipalities and regions and the laws relating to the issue of municipalities.
SPR application functionality is based on filtering data from a database, and presentation users. Filtering data from a database can be achieved either by tree search or full-text search or search by keywords.

AGC - System for presentation of agricultural norms

Internet Information AGC System for presentation agricultural norms is equipped with a large database of agricultural and food norms. The norms are divided into 8 sectors and within each field transversal to 5 groups. The first 5 fields present cross-sectional data on agricultural production (economics, crop and livestock production, agricultural technology, agricultural buildings) and sixth field as food and feed. The other two branches present data on cultivation and breeding technologies and normative calculation of necessary labor, energy, costs, production, sales and partial profit. The presentation itself is based on a tabular structure or form of the solution to the situation.


Computer consulting TechConsult knowledge system is designed to support consulting in the field of agricultural machinery. The system is equipped with a large database of normative tools and indicators that can be continuously updated. Data on the machines can be used to the implementation of economic considerations and the creation of business
strategy of machinery. The results are suitable for assessment of value for the purchase of new machinery. It is also possible to calculate the necessary machinery in farm and fleet renewal schedule machines.


Computer consulting AgroConsult knowledge system for the area of agricultural production structure optimization based on mechanized production technologies and normative methods. The system is a large database of normative indicators. For the matrix are printed books: "The norms for agricultural and food production" and "Per capita agricultural production technologies." AgroConsult structure allows you to create projects with a detailed analysis of production of crops and animals. Norms for agricultural and food production include 5 fields: Economics, Plant production, Animal production, Machinery, Agricultural building. Per capita agricultural production technologies are developed for 43 crops and 14 animal categories in 20 types of stables for 3 intensity of production.

AUTO Expert

Statistical evaluation and counseling AUTO Expert knowledge system is designed to calculate the cost of motor vehicles (cars and trucks) and determination of residual prices of used vehicles. Insertion and subsequent statistical evaluation supply demand and price realization in the age, condition and technical equipment can generate curves diminishing the value of vehicles, depending on their age. Calculations vehicle operation costs are already carried out in order to establish a basis for operational leasing of vehicles.


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Interesting Products
SPR - A system to support decision making
of regional and local governments
Support for major decision situations at regional and local governments.
AGC - A system for presentation of agricultural norms
Numerical and verbal agricultural standards- norms.
Document management
Evidence of documents and tracking their movements in the process of execution.
Internet systems for collection and presentation of data
Customs statistics. System for the collection of statistical data from respondents.